Chuck starkey

21061 county road 295

Hermitage, no. 65668





phone number 660 7231346

chuck starkey pool cues

     I live in a small town in mid missouri with my 2 standard size poodles, we have a 20 acre place on top of a hill out in the country and i build pool cues.

     Chris hightower helped me get started about 20 years ago, and i have bought 3 lathes and many supplies from him.  Without his help, getting to where i am today would have been a mess, so a great thank you the chris.

      I build cues at my speed and build what i like. I do not do any fancy inlays, i try not to use plastic or metal or weight bolts in my cues. I believe the less parts in a cue the less to go wrong. Most of my cues have a 1/2 by 8 inch thread wood pin. I think the wood to wood to wood connection at the joint gives the best hit.

      In the photos section are samples of the style cues i build, click on the email at the left to ask questions about prices and delivery dates.


i have other cues in the for sale section on ' azbilliards forum ' ready for delivery

     I build cues using very high quality materials and try to let the beauty of the wood speak for its self. I use elk, moose and whitetail deer sheds for joint and ferrule material. These resorces are renewable and the sheds are a natural occurance that doesn't hurt the animals.

     I have in the last 10 years done many experments in my cue building, i have used bamboo, and the wood pin as examples.  I buy old one piece brunswick cues and recycle the  wood, times as a conversion cue or just for the shaft. Most of the wood is honey color and some very dense. makes great shafts.

     At present i am building most of my shafts without a ferrule, only the tip and a carbon fiber pad. i will install a ferrule on any of my cues if requested, but i suggest you try the no ferrule first, the shafts play great with a very crisp hit.