About chuck starkey pool cues

      I started building cues about 20years ago, as i wanted a cue made a certian way and could not find one on the market, i had a custom builder make it for me, and when i got it 4 months later i looked at it and decided that I COULD BUILD CUES.

      With the help of chris hightower i bought a lathe, instruction manuals, video tape on cue building and got started.

      It was a great learning process, you can read or be instructed as to how to build a cue, but until you make your own mistakes, you never really know.

      There is a club of builders that say, ' if you dont do it my way you are wrong ', i do not and never will believe this, as i love to try new things. I do not want to build a copy of southwest, or bill stroud's cue. I want to build my own cues, using my own methods.

      I have built or converted to date almost 500 cues, and can count on one hand the number of dissatisfied customers. I do not take deposits to build a cue, so the customers money is not in limbo waiting for me to finish.  I build the cue the way i think it should be put together, if after i am done, you are for any reason unhappy, you have invested nothing so nothing is lost, i simply put the cue in stock for future sale